Financial Education

Every person in world want to progress in their life and to achieve that progress, one has to move systematically or by setting their small objectives to reach their final goal(s). Achieving that goal isn’t an easy way, you should have a strategy and you will not able to strategize unless you have money. Money is the matter which becomes huddle in achieving that goal. Healthy financial habits are necessary to achieve the desired goals. There’s a great saying by Maccius Plautus “You must spend money to make money”. A person must be aware or have knowledge how to manage and where to allocate his/her resources in order to ensure long term financial stability. The economists have posited that in recent Soon India will become one of the global economy leaders of the world. But this goal can’t be achieved until and unless people are not appropriately educated and trained about their financial planning and business management. Finance is defined as science of money, teaches about time value of money and with huge opportunities. The field is encircling many prospects like commercial banks, investment bank, asset manager, financial planners, hedging g funds, money managers & many more.
A great saying by Robert Kiyosaki, “Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them.”
Financial education is a very essential aspect for all; however, most schools do not spend time on teaching about financial education, which are often assumed to be learned through parents or by own only. A financial education is important not only for individuals but for society as well.
Financial planning will be an attractive and emerging career option in upcoming generation. As we can see today’s generation started moving towards new ideas and taking ideas to higher reach; everyone needs financial knowledge to build or to handle it further. If we talk about commercial business, the main objectives of financial management are- creating wealth for the business, to generate cash and provide an adequate return on investment with having risk in mind; for reaching this goal can be possible by converting the financial knowledge into action. That’s how finance is the most important aspects for business management.
So, financial education is more essential in one’s life. Everyone will be facing somewhere or someday a difficult financial situation that requires time and money. That’s when the good understanding of money and finance will help in turning tough situation into stress free situations.
Finance is the subject which should be learned and understood by one so that they could come up with good future and able to secure themselves from future risks.

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