Financial Literacy

Thats true that India still needs to grow Financial Literacy. Our citizens are still unaware about the financial products which directly or indirectly hit our economy of India, its an intangible daily life product which we ignore and try to survive on our little knowledge.

Like major youth is not aware about the role and benefits of ITR(Income Tax Returns) in economy and to their pockets, The right age to Invest for securing their future, Advantage about deposit facility provided by financial institutions, Time value of money, and many more.

As everyone know that little knowledge is more dangerous than zero, we must start learning benefits and role of financial products in our life. Correct knowledge helps in boosting our current standard of living.

#FinancialLiteracy will lead to grow the economy of our country (INDIA) and even every household too. It's a very important aspect that must be focused by government and all citizens must start supporting our family and friends by spreading knowledge where Investkart is trying to join hands of every citizen of India through blogs and social media.

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