Time Management

In India with the initial level of modernization and technology everywhere, Indians have forgotten about the values of time management in their life. In ancient India it was taught ”Discipline is the key to success”. With growing technology and passing era Indians still lag the skill of time management.

Time Management is a skill according to which a person can manage his/her work according to the allotted time for that work. It makes work more –





Time management is a skill if utilized with full potential can enhance the results for growth. A school student who utilizes this skill of time management can achieve more with comparatively less stress. Time management can play a very important role in a person’s development and growth. As a person who manages everything according to time will get efficient results as compared to a person who does not manage his/her work with time.

Time Management gives a user required time to finish a work. Which maintains works quality in these ways-

*Being time bound it increases the competitive spirit for completion.

*It minimizes the stress levels dealing with the work.

*Maintains quality of work right through.

*It provides with the time required for every need.

Time management has many positives but the people who lack this skill face many problems that are –

  • Excessive work pressure .
  • Decreasing work quality.
  • Missing competitive spirit.
  • Uncertainty in the growth.
  • Unstable decisions


Time management is very important in today’s era as the market is full of opportunities and we need to be time managed to deal with the competitiveness of the market. With more competition and opportunities in the market we need to be street smart as well as be time managed to survive and grow.

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